Custard Cake


Batter Baker's % Weight(gm)
Princess Cake Flour100 180
Sugar72.2 130
Water65.6 118
Egg yolk (6pcs)51.7 93
Oil47.2 85
Bake Best Baking Powder2.2 4
Meringue Baker's % Weight(gm)
Egg white 200
Sugar 120
Cream of Tartar 3
Total Batter Wt. 933
Yield: 3 cakes
Dough Weight: 311/ cake
Leche Flan Topping Baker's % Weight(gm)
Condensed Milk 1 can (big) & 75g
Evaporated Milk 262.5
Egg yolk (12pcs) 240


  • Combine sifted Princess Cake Flour, Bake Best Baking Powder and sugar in a mixing bowl and then set aside.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, combine oil, water and egg yolk and mix until well blended.
  • Add the flour mixture and mix until well blended . Cover and set aside.
  • Beat egg whites then add cream of tartar and sugar gradually. Beat until soft peak is form.
  • Slowly fold in the batter mixture into the merengue mixture. Do not over mix.
  • Fill the pan with prepared leche flan topping.
  • Pour the batter & merengue mixture over the leche flan topping.
  • Bake at , 175 ° pre-heated oven, for about 25-30 minutes or until done.
  • Let it cool.

Leche Flan Topping:

  • Melt refined sugar and water in a sauce pan until it caramelized.
  • Mix condensed milk, evaporated milk and egg yolk until well blended. Set aside.

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